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Rent To Own – Davinici IQ

$59.99 / month for 6 months

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From the brilliant minds behind the DaVinci and Ascent vaporizers comes the DaVinci IQ. This innovative unit features Smart Path Technology that enables the user to choose a setting from four different options and the device automatically selects the most exact temperature for your sessions. The ceramic zirconia air path utilizes only the finest of materials which results in the purest flavor and no unwanted tastes. Combined with the available Bluetooth App integration, the DaVinci IQ gives you maximum control over your vaporization experience and even the ability to power it on/off with your phone.

Now you can pay this device off over 6 months! Steps below:

1) Select “Buy” on any “Rent To Own” product.
2) Checkout

3)Receive Device
4) You will be billed monthly, for 6 months, until the balance is paid.


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 8 in


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